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Who will beat Amazon at Private Label...Amazon will!

This is a trend that should not surprise anyone. In fact, I am surprised it has taken so long. There is an implicit understanding that if you are buying a product from Amazon that you will get what you want or send it back. Or leave a Negative comment. Either way Amazon has created a relationship with their customers that -- I believe -- no other online mass retailer has done. To create a bond. There are other very good experiences. Etsy comes to mind.

So once you have that relationship, all you have to do it take over consumables where margin is abundant. So what does that mean? 94% of all batteries sold online are sold at Amazon. But now AmazonBasics accounting for about one-third of all battery sales on line and a growth rate of 93%. Battery biz is done for. Baby wipes. A must have. Amazon has 16% of the category share. And grew it 266%. So give it about 3 years and they will own it. Finally, Alexa-speaking internet connected speaker. She owns it: 45% market share. Sales growth of 67%. These growth numbers are so common with Amazon we have become used to them. I say simply: Get used to it.

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